Battery Life Issues For Androids Solved!

Most of us android phones and keep on complaining about the battery life of the same. It is very important for us to know our habits that drain battery regularly. Androids can reduce their performance because of the drained battery or because of our habits that make the battery lose 0on the life that it has the potential to live and give poor performance. Once we improve our habits and get to know these simple tips we can make our batteries live longer and make our android devices work at their full potential.

These tips and tricks to use the androids phones to the best and make the batteries live longer are very useful in life. Some of them are:


Yes, it is an important thing to keep in mind that when not in use always turn off your Bluetooth as it takes up all battery searching for devices around which drains the battery unnecessarily and make our androids die sooner. Keeping this in mind can help a lot with your battery problems and help you use your device to full potential


Turning off connecting services when not in use serves a lot at saving battery or making it live longer because it constantly tries to find a connection. You should turn it off when you are out of the wifi zone so that this isn’t the case and save battery which is draining without the phone being in use. Turn wifi off and see how your battery stays for longer period of time than before


Bright screens take up a lot of charge from the battery to function. Turn the brightness up only when you are outdoors and completely needy of the same. When indoors turn it to the lowest to make your battery live longer. Also ditch the auto brightness option because it takes time to adjust and most of the time takes up battery equivalent to high brightness.


Just pressing the home button doesn’t make your app stop working, it just goes off the screen but it is still working in the background taking up charge from the battery which is same as to when you were using it. it takes up unnecessary charge and does not help with the process. So make sure you exit the apps properly and kill them and remove them from the background after using the same


Switch your phone to sound or if it is too annoying switch it to silent but keeping it on vibrate does a lot bad to the battery life. It takes a lot of charge to vibrate the whole device than to make a sound or simply show a notification. So vibration maybe a major cause of your reduced battery life on your phone so does look into it for better results

So keep these things in mind and improve your battery life like never before and make sure you use your device to the fullest.


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