Why Do Batteries Come In Different Sizes

Batteries! We all have known this commodity from the time of our life. But a little known fact about the battery is its different sizes. Also, what makes one different from the other?  Well the most commonly used battery is AA and the rest being AAA, C, SC, M, F and D. The basic difference between all these batteries is in the size as well as the power they deliver although they have the same voltage.

AA which is the most know size amongst all the electronic gadgets users, is used in wall clocks, torches and many such low power gadgets. The size of the battery also is directly proportional to the life/power of the battery. AAA being smaller in size is used in even more smaller gadgets which consume very less power and are of very low use. The examples for the same can be the remotes of all most all the electronic gadgets and even in the flashlight unit of the cameras. Next comes is the C battery which is used in the gadgets which have medium drain capacity. The examples for this can be the musical instruments along with the high power toys which are especially made for kids. Following this category next in line is the D cell and it is of an even greater size and is usually used in high end torches and in the geysers.

We should also remember that the larger the battery size is the more is the life it would have. But another important thing to remember is the shape of the commodity in which we have to use the cell. Imagine a portable torch of palm size having battery slots for the battery size of d. Hence which battery is to be used where also depends upon the size of the gadget where it is being used so that the battery is proportionate to it.

A question might arise in your mind that if the voltage is same in all the batteries then is it possible to use an AA sized battery in the AAA designed slot? The answer to this is yes! Scientifically speaking this can be done but of course it is not possible to fit an oversized battery like AA into the AAA slot. But there is a solution to it. You can simply connect the receiving ends of the AAA slot to the battery ends of the AA battery and tape it. This would not only let your gadget work but would make it work for a longer time span as compared to the AAA battery as they are of smaller size and hence die out at a higher pace.

So clearly to conclude we can say that the sizes of the batteries are just a customization according to the product shape, size and utility. They can be interchanged and used if you run out on some specific kind of battery!


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