Battery Hacks for iPhone Users

iPhones and iPads can be great devices to have and work on but may create problems many times. The major problem with them is the battery issues that they create every now and then. Having devices from the best company around does not eliminate your battery issues and many times it is because of your habits which lead to battery shortage and bad battery life. So let us take a look at these habits which we can improve to get a battery life and make our batteries work to their complete potential. These tips will surely help to solve our battery problems in the future.

These tips are very useful and can be used in daily lives. Some of them are:


Always have knowledge about what app is killing your battery. There are certain apps that take up more charge than other apps and you need to know about them so that you can keep a check on their usage and always remember to kill them after use.


These social media apps may take up a lot of charge at times because of the huge files shared on them and all the videos and picture posted there. There can be many other similar apps to facebook which can cause problems to your battery life. Keep a check on these apps.


Always make sure that you have low brightness on your phone until complete necessary. Too bright screens take up a lot of charge and make it difficult for your battery to keep up with the load. Also ditch the auto brightness feature on your phone because it fails to keep the brightness adapted to the situation and takes up the battery unnecessarily.


Have auto lock on, on your phone always. Your screen takes up a major charge from your battery and keeping it on without any use isn’t wise enough if you want a better battery life. It is very necessary for you to keep less number of seconds for your auto lock for it to work efficiently and make up for the battery lost.


Whenever you are in an area where you do not have a good connection it would be wise to get your phone on airplane mode because tracking for network makes it very loose a fair amount of charge without even being under use. So use airplane mode whenever you do not have a good signal.


Disable wifi whenever not in use, because wifi connection takes up a lot of charge from the battery. Whenever you are out of your wifi area, it is wise of you to disable wifi because it takes up a lot charge to find nearby connections and trying to connect to them. It drains your battery unnecessarily.

So by keeping these tricks in mind you can easily save a lot of charge and give your battery a better and healthy life. You can also improve its performance and making it live longer.

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