Smartphones and Battery Life!

Our smart phones are our buddy dearest during these days, and we love spending as much time with it as we can. Be it chatting with friends or official mailing, video chatting or watching our friends rallying. We do it all on our smart phone. It has become an important part of our life now. The major problem we face with our smart phones is its battery life. So here are some tips to conserve your smart phone battery.

1) Ringtones over vibrations: Yes, we all get irritated with the constant buzzing of our phones, that to when family and friends group are being so active. We always choose our phones on being vibrate rather than silent or sound, but what we don’t know is vibration takes up a lot of charge to function and we should avoid it when we can to extend our Smartphone’s battery life.

2) Assumptions about illuminations: We love to watch movies or videos on our phone and it is best seen in high definition, for this we increase the brightness of our phone screen. While using your phone for a particular action this is great but this takes up a lot of charge from your battery so do look at diming your screen while not in use to conserve battery.

3) Screen time out: most of us lock our phones after using it but many of us don’t! We keep it away to just go off lights by itself and it takes up a lot of charge too. To conserve your phone battery it is important for us to take care of the screen time out and to lock our phones after use.

4) Switch it off when inactive: switching off your phone while it’s not in use is a great way to conserve battery. This is perfectly suitable while travelling or situations where you won’t be able to charge your phone for some time. Switching it off while charging is also a great way of getting your phone fully charged faster

5) Do not ignore the unnecessary: weird right? Not it is not, while using our smart phones we generally press the home button and forget about all the apps that are still open and using up your battery. So always remember to close all the unnecessary apps after use. Also remember to disable the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while not in use.

6) Maintain cool temperature: look after the temperature of your pone. If it gets too heated up do look into boosting it up and switching it off for some time to bring its temperature back to normal

These are some of the basic things to remember when you want to conserve your smart phone’s battery and spend some quality time with!

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