Batteries-Our Life Line

 Think about your life, how wonderful it is! But, now just eliminate every equipment which runs on battery from this. It’s scary isn’t it? 80% of the equipments we use run on batteries and thinking of living without it well for beginning just think about being without a phone for a day!

Here we’ll be discussing the different gadgets from our day to life which are a vital part of our life and go unnoticed. To begin with let’s start with

Mobile gadgets

Our mobile phones as we all know run on the batteries and that are Li-Ion batteries to be precise and that’s what keeps our phones going throughout the day. The importance of a mobile phone is nothing to mention about and the thing which keeps it going and also makes it portable well it does deserve some appreciation from our side as well.


Almost all kind of gadgets which are controlled by remote run on batteries. Alkaline or Li-Ion that depends, however the main point here conveyed is that a battery is necessary for the running of many of the appliances. Every appliance is always not in our reach that we can use the main button on the gadgets and that’s exactly when we need the remote and a remote without batteries is like a phone without 5G now a day!


Automobiles are again one of the life lines to almost every one of us and the major reason why they run so smoothly is because of the batteries. The automobiles majorly run on lead based batteries which are neither very expensive not too heavy(not comparing to Li-Ion batteries though). Although Li-Ion batteries are also used in some top end luxury models but the reason why it’s not very common is the cost and that’s why although the Li-Ion batteries are so light in weight they have been unable to create a space in market of automobiles.

Power banks

Yes, the life saving power banks which give us the unlimited access to use the phone for as much time as we want! These are the chargeable batteries and come in larger capacities as compared to the mobile phones. Power banks have always come as a savior and blessing in disguise as well. This is one of the best uses of batteries for me personally speaking.

UPS and Invertors

Power backup is the main forte of the UPS and the invertors and the reason behind them running successfully is again batteries. The UPS has Li-Ion batteries where as the invertors have lead batteries. Although now the more compact version of the invertors are in the market consisting of Li-Ion batteries but yes they do put a hole in the pocket of the buyer.

To conclude with I can just say that batteries are a blessing in disguise for all of us and we should take proper care of them to let them have a prolonged life.

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