How To Make Your Li-Ion Battery Last Longer

In today’s world more than 80 percent of our gadgets are running on Li-ion batteries. From cars to mobile phones to iPods and what not, you name the gadget and it works on lithium battery. This has not only made our lives easier, but also pretty dependent on the life of the batteries. We often come across with the problem of the phone getting discharged easily after a years use. Then we run after the power banks and just don’t want our life lines to die out so easily. Our life is so depend on these gadgets that run on batteries that we really need to get into the depth of how we can take good care of the battery so that is doesn’t leave us helpless in the middle to the way of office  one day. And instead of all efforts like a power bank and all why don’t we just take a little more care of our lithium batteries. Here are some great tips that everyone should consider.

Never Overcharge

The basic working of the Li-Ion battery is the movement of the electrons between the positive and the negative ends of the battery, hence generating power for our gadgets to run. Between all this we forget one thing and that is the basic way how we are supposed to charge these batteries. Never let your battery be on charge for a very long time that it over charges. This hampers the capacity of the battery that you are using.

Keep At Room Temperature

We have heard this many times that we should never leave our phones in a closed car as it can get damaged. Well the damage we talk about is basically the damage that would be caused to the battery due to overheating. Thus, we should avoid any such condition which leads to overheating of the battery, leaving your battery at charge for a long time being one of them.

Refrain From Complete Discharge

Total battery discharge is as harmful for your battery as is overcharging so try not to drain the whole battery of your gadget and charge it well in time so that the life of your battery can be saved! Also it is very much suggested to not to keep flickering the charging process of the battery. Be patient and let your battery charge till 85% which is known to be the ideal charging point for the good health of a battery.

Use Appropriate Adapter And Cord

It is advised to charge the batteries at the power that has been written on battery which might vary for each and also keep in mind to use the correct cord which is the most appropriate for the battery.

Hence it is always said to charge your phone with its own charger!!

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