Taking Care Of Your Car Battery

People always tend to take great care of anything new that we purchase from the market. Speaking of this let’s talk about the car. When you buy a new car you take it for washes regularly, make sure you don’t manage to get any scratches or bumps on the car and so on. But is the external care enough for the car to function properly? What about the battery which makes your car run smoothly on roads? The battery of the car needs and very well deserves a lot of care and maintenance so that it performs its functions properly.

A few initiatives can help your lead acid battery live longer. Although no care and maintenances can make its life infinite but yes a few tips here can make your battery live an extended life for sure.

Clean the cables on regular basis

The current passes through the cables and thus there is a lot of corrosion which forms on the ends of the cable. We should make sure that the cables are cleaned properly on regular interval of time so that the corrosion does not hinder the conductivity of the battery.

Taking care of the electrolyte levels of the battery

Although the electrolyte levels don’t depreciate at a very rapid level, but it’s still advisable to check the electrolyte levels at an interval of 3 months. This is important so that any leakage can also be cured well in time.

Keep a track of the battery condition

If the car is lacking ignition or you have left the headlights on for an overnight then it’s advisable for you to get the capacity of the battery checked. Generally if the battery is running low on charge it creates a problem in starting the car.

Disconnect battery when on long leaves

The battery tends to automatically start discharging when it is left connected in the circuit and is not being used for a long time. In case of such scenarios it’s better to disconnect the cables of the battery.

Replacing batteries in stipulated time

Every battery has its specific life time and we should make it a habit to replace the car batteries in every 5 or 6 years depending upon the use it is brought into.

Taking care of the battery is equally important as compared to taking care of the car. The internal system of the car needs to work properly so that the car is able to serve its basic purpose. The basic purpose being to be able to travel long distances with comfort. You can buy the most luxurious car you want but if you don’t take proper care of the battery your car might just shut down on the middle off the road. So to avoid such conditions it’s better to maintain your battery beforehand itself.


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