How To Charge Your Li-Ion Battery

This title might sound a little abrupt to the readers as now-a-days even a kid is capable to charge a mobile phone which runs on Li-Ion battery but are we charging it the correct way? There are N numbers of question which come into our mind when you put a gadget on charging like is the battery low enough to put it on charge? What about the cycle of charging, I hope I just end up wasting it because of a few minutes charge? Or something on similar lines. This article might help you have a clear vision on the charging phenomena of a battery and about the cycles of charging too!

No memory effect for the cycles

Unlike the old Nickel batteries the Li-Ion batteries are free from the memory effect. Meaning that the battery performance doesn’t get hampered if you plug in and plug out your phone before letting it charge completely.

Don’t let your battery drain out completely

It often happens that we wait for the phone to give us a low battery sign and then just before the phone is about to switch off we put it on charge but this is actually not the right kind of practice to be followed when it comes to Li-Ion batteries.

50% battery

This is the ideal battery that should be in your phone when you are not going to use it for a very long time. Also don’t forget to keep an eye on the temperature in which it is being stored. 25 degree Celsius is the ideal temperature for the battery but anything a little more or less than that is absolutely fine.

Overcharging the phone

If you think that by keeping your phone on a forever charge mode it would be counted as a single cycle and would help you improve your battery efficiency. Well my friend you have been thinking wrong all this while. You should never overcharge your phone as it harms the battery to a very bad extent.

Monthly maintenance

Although it is mentioned that we should not wait for the whole battery to discharge before putting it on charge, but yes this procedure needs to be followed once in a month for the battery to revive its potential. But, at the same time it is not suggestible to bring this into a day to day practice.

We can go on and on to clear the myths that we people usually have regarding how to charge the Li-Ion battery, how to take good care of it, etc. But the basic thing that we should remember is that there is no memory effect in lithium batteries and hence you can charge it the way you want but don’t exploit it by overcharging or by simply draining away the battery. Keep a moderate and generous approach towards it and the battery might last longer than usual.

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