Lithium Ion battery v/s Alkaline battery

Look around yourself, it’s sure that you would have been able to see a lot of gadgets some working on Li-Ion batteries where as some working on the normal alkaline batteries. But what is the difference between them? They look pretty similar don’t they?

But, on the contrary the only similarity between both kinds of batteries is that they look similar and serve a similar purpose rest everything else is different for both of them. Let’s just jolt down the pros and cons between the Li-ion batteries and the normal alkaline batteries so that we know which one are the best to use in which kind of scenario.

Pros Of Li-Ion Battery


Unlike the traditional alkaline batteries the lithium ion batteries are chargeable and hence re usable. The basic alkaline batteries are for one time use and hence can’t be charged for reuse. This is the basic reason why we use Li-Ion batteries in our phones. It not only makes are phone light weight, but also gives it a good battery performance and we don’t have to keep on changing our batteries.

Higher cell voltage

Cell voltage has a very vital role to be played when we talk in terms of batteries and thus we would definitely prefer a battery with higher voltage than a battery with lower voltage. For instance for the music player or a laptop or any gadget which need high cell voltage for that matter.


The Li-Ion battery is not only light but due to its rechargeable capacity it is also very portable and hence can be taken to any place with ease. This is one of the main reasons behind the success of these batteries. Its because in today’s world the mobile and other gadgets are the life line and anything which can keep that life line going definitely will become an integral part of their lives as well.

Cons Of Li-Ion Battery

Not used everywhere

Due to high cell voltage the usage of the Li-Ion cell is limited to the commodities which have the requirement of very high energy. On the other side the alkaline battery is of multipurpose and as we can see it is used everywhere. Be it the T.V remote or a torch.

Doesn’t come in standard size

Although this problem has been solved till many extents but still there is no fixed and standard sizing for the Li-Ion batteries and hence people tend to prefer the alkaline batteries over the lithium ones when it comes to standardization.


As compared to the alkaline batteries the Li-Ion batteries are pretty expensive and are not easily replaceable and hence making it difficult for the battery to make a place in the market of common people.

To conclude it’s just the need which can decide which battery is better for you. The purpose needs to be clear for you to have a clear vision of what you want!

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