Tips To Use Lithium Ion Batteries To Their Full Potential

Lithium-ion batteries are the batteries mostly used in the gadgets we use everyday like our smart phones, tablets and notebooks. These batteries make our devices function and these devices are what our lives easier and organized. We can’t even imagine our life without these gadgets these days as we work and we play, we study and we read just on them. We have become so dependent and they drive us more these days. In a situation like these we would obviously want to increase the battery life as this will increase our gadget’s performance.

There are some tips and things to take care of to increase the battery life and get the most of lithium-ion batteries. Some of them are:


Recharge cycles are battery cycles which show how many charge and discharge cycles a battery can go through but most of us don’t understand this and try to defy this cycle. These numbers of times are fixed and cannot be changed and once the battery reaches this point it is of no use then.


Some people believe that we should not let these batteries discharge completely before charging them, also known as partial charge and some people say that you should completely charge the batteries and let them exhaust completely as well. This actually doesn’t affect much because the circuits are regulated by the on board circuits and so full or partial charge does not affect them.


It is always very important for you to use right chargers for your right devices. Using different chargers always in your devices can cause your battery can drain. This also reduces your battery’s life and also drains the battery off the charge. So always use the same charger and the most appropriate charger for the same device


Always make sure that the temperature is never too high because high temperature ruins the battery life and can reduce its performance. Over charging does not affect the battery life but heating does and therefore temperature is an important factor to look for


It is very important to make sure that your batteries are stored well and does not face any physical stress as too much pressure on them can reduce their capacity and may cause problems for them. This can reduce their battery life and cause to decrease their performance. So storage of batteries is also very important for the same


If you want to preserve your battery for more than the extended period it is very important to store them properly as you would never want them to lose their capacities.

So, storing them with proper charge and on room temperature is the best solution for the same.

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