Uses of Li-Ion Batteries

Li-Ion batteries are highly known for their exceptional performance and light weight. And that is one of the major reasons why we can find the usage of these batteries everywhere near around us in our surrounding. This article is just to streamline things that where and why the Li-Ion batteries are used and where they are not and why.

Ever thing present in this nature has its own pros and cons while these batteries have high performance capacity and are pretty light as compared to the lead batteries but the drawback is that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive than the normal batteries hence the area of operations for this battery now comes down due to the pricing of the product.

Mobiles and other mobile gadgets

Yes! Of course this was the first one to come to anyone’s mind that our mobiles run on the Li-Ion battery. The small battery at the back panel of our phones contains the lithium battery and inside it is the series of cells lined up together forming the lithium battery. The larger the capacity of the battery the higher power retention the battery will have.

Power banks

Talking about cell phones definitely makes us think on lines like charger and a portable battery. The portable battery also consists of Li-Ion cells which makes it so portable, light and also a little heavy on the pocket for the capacity it provides. You might be able to relate to this point when I will say that it’s actually 7 times more costlier than a lead battery but since safety is one of our primary concerns along with portability for all the right reasons Li-Ion battery is the best.

Power storage/backups

Here by power storage we are talking on a larger scale like the storage of the solar energy and thus we need to store that energy. Li-Ion battery being one of the best way to do it as the depreciating value of energy in this storage is very less and it’s the best way to charge according to the way the solar energy works. Talking about backups we can refer to a small example of the UPS which help us during the power cut to switch off our computer safely without any loss of data and on the other side we can quote bigger examples like mentioned earlier the high power storage.


This might sound a little abrupt but yes the high end models of luxurious cars do provide Li-Ion batteries. Then a question might arise that if the size of these batteries is so compact and have great performance then why it is not used in regular models? We’ll the answer to this might have become pretty obvious to you by now, and yes it is the money matter as Li-Ion batteries are expensive and the cars need a really high capacity battery thus making the cars price shoot by a great digit.

So, the next time you visit any store do look out for what works on which kind of battery and why.

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