Nicd Or Nimh Batteries, Which One Makes My Device Happy

Thinking about which battery cell to consider for your device? Here are few differences between the two popularly used battery cells.

Batteries used in portable devices are generally made using Nickel Cadmium NiCd and Nickel Metal Hydride NiMH. These rechargeable batteries have their unique characteristic.

These batteries are used in consumer devices such as laptop, camcorders or mobile phones and notebook.

Differences between NiMH and NiCd:-

  • NiMH batteries have higher energy density which means long run time .It also doesn’t suffer from memory effect. It will last longer.
  • NiMH batteries do not have the capacity to take a higher rate of charge or discharge while NiCd
  • High rate chargers and peak detection can be used to charge NiCd, whereas NiMH batteries do not go well with high rate chargers.
  • NiMH batteries discharges faster than NiCd
  • NiMH batteries are very favourable, as they are light in weight and perform better than NiCd

Choosing the correct battery for your application is critical. One should ask few questions which can be useful for selecting the right kind of battery.

  • How many hours do I need my device to run?
  • How many applications will be running on my device?
  • Is the battery, capacity enough to run certain applications?
  • How long does one needs to charge the batteries?

Advantages of NiMH batteries:-

  • NiMH batteries are user friendly, as its ability to resist over charges and discharges makes them user friendly.
  • These batteries are environmental friendly as they do not require regulatory control on the consumer end.
  • Reliable as these batteries once purchased do not need to be changed for longer duration when compared to traditional batteries.
  • Long term purchase can be done and these batteries can be interchanged between the other portable devices of yours.

Disadvantages of NiMH batteries:-

  • NiMH batteries have limited life.
  • Generates heat during fast charge and creates the device to get overheated.
  • NiMH batteries get discharged by self.

Advantages of NiCd batteries:-

  • NiCd batteries are available in all size and wide range.
  • These batteries are simple and easy to charge.
  • These batteries are easy to clean and used in all climates.

Disadvantages of NiCd batteries:-

  • NiCd batteries have relatively low energy density.
  • These batteries have to charged again and again.
  • NiCd batteries are not environmental friendly in terms that it cannot be recycled.

All the features of both the battery kinds are detailed above. It is up to you to decide the best for your device or which makes your life and your devices life easy to breathe.

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