3 Slots Unlimited Expandable Battery Holder (40mm Size)


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Product Description


  • Expandable battery holder module designed for making battery pack by LiFePO4 40120, 40152 & 40160 cell.
  • Ease of design for configuring modules – make reliable LFP40120, LFP40152, LFP40160 battery pack in many configurations.

NOTE: This battery holder provides only one end. For both end of battery holder, please purchase quantity of 2.


  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Base Dimension (Dia x H): 5.0mm x 15mm
  • Hole diameter: 40mm(1.57")
  • Weight: 0.6 Oz (17 grams)
  • Storage temperature: 25’C (77F, Room Temperature)
  • Max Operate temperature: 80’C (176F)


Tenergy is not responsible for any damage cause by misuse.

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