Li-Polymer 3.7V 4040mAh (SP3766125AB) Battery


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Item Specifications
Model 34058 [SP3766125AB]
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Nominal Capacity 4040mAh @ 0.2CmA Discharge
Standard Charge Current


Standard Discharge Current 1960mA
Weight Approx: 71g +/- 2g
Operating Temperature

Discharge: 20˚C ~ 60˚C

Operating Temperature Charge: 0˚C ~ 60˚C
Dimension (LxWxT) 124.8 (w/o tab film) x 66 x 4mm
Storage Temperature 3month : -20˚C ~ 45˚C
Storage Temperature 6month : -20˚C ~ 35˚C
Storage humidity 65±20% RH

For full specs see Datasheet here.


  • Be careful when working with Li-Polymer cells – they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mis-handled.
  • User should have enough knowledge about Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries before charging, discharging and assemble.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these batteries.
  • DO NOT leave battery un-attended during charging – please keep out of children’s reach.
  • DO NOT put batteries on wood surface, carpet, or near flammable materials while charging.

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