TDR Phoenix USB Charger


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  • USB Charger for TDR Phoenix FPV Drone (PN: 61336)
  • Compatible with Phoenix Drone & Phoenix Controller
  • Built-in LED Charging status indicator
How to charge the battery:

  1. Power off the drone, press the battery release button, take out the battery.
  2. Connect the USB Charging Cable to the battery.
  3. Connect the USB Charging Cable to a USB power source (e.g.: USB adapter, USB port on a computer) to start charging the battery. The red charging light on the USB Charging Cable will turn on when charging is complete.
  4. Insert the battery in to the drone after battery is fully charged.

Charging time: approximately 90 minutes.
Flying time: approximately 7 minutes.

Always unplug/remove LiPo battery when not in use.
Cool down battery after use to room temperature before charging.
Charge battery in an isolated area.
Never leave battery unattended while charging.
If battery swells, unplug it immediately. Do not use it again.
Do not modify, heat up or get the battery wet.
Charge the battery with the provided charger only.

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