Tenergy 11.1V (3S) Li-Ion/LiPO Battery Pack Smart Charger (Output: 12.6V, 2A)


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  • 100V-240V AC input for worldwide power support.
  • Constant charging current for faster charging, save you much more time.
  • Stabilized output; low ripple.
  • It can charge any 11.1V Li-Ion/LiPO battery pack with capacity equal to or higher capacity than 2000mAh.

Safety protections:

  • Over Voltage protection
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Polarity error protection
  • Over power protection

The charger turn trickle-off charging mode if battery is full (1/10C), and indicate by LED:

  • Charging —– Red LED
  • Battery Full — Green LED


  • Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 1.0A
  • Output: DC 12.5~12.75V
  • Charging current: 2,000mA
  • Weight: 15 oz

Download product data sheet here.


  • Charge 11.1V Li-Ion/LIPO rechargeable battery pack only.
  • Don’t expose the product to rain or humidity to prevent from electric shock.
  • It is normal if the product gets slightly hot when using.
  • Keep the product out of children’s reach.
  • Don’t remove the cover to prevent from being electric shocked.

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