Tenergy TT6080AC 80W AC/DC Balance Charger with Touch Screen LCD for NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/Li-ion/LiFePO4/Lead Acid Battery Packs

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Tenergy TT6080AC 80W AC/DC Balance Charger with Touch Screen LCD for NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/Li-ion/
LiFePO4/Lead Acid Battery Packs

Tenergy TT6080AC 80W AC/DC Balance Charger is a high-quality, full-featured charger that is designed with the most advanced users in mind. The touch screen control brings all the charger’s functionalities at your fingertips. The simple-to-use graphic interface allows you to quickly access any function and adjust the chargers settings with ease. The large LCD screen displays the real time charging status of your battery including current, capacity, pack voltage, and individual cell voltage. It can even display the charging status as a graph in time-versus-voltage format!

The multi-functional TT6080AC offers a wealth of other convenient built-in functions. It has a USB charging port with 5V 3A output, enough to charge your latest mobile gadgets. Its innovative digital power function turns this charger into a DC power supply with selectable voltage/current output, allowing you to charge or power other bigger devices, such as power banks and laptops. TT6080AC also has a Servo Tester mode, which can provide a reliable PPM signal for you to test and adjust your servo motors.

TT6080AC can work with the following battery types: 1-6S LiPo / Li-ion / LiFePO4, 1-16S NiMH / NiCd, and 2-20V lead acid. With 80W maximum output power, TT6080AC can support adjustable charging current between 0.1A and 10A, and discharge current between 0.1 and 2A. In addition, TT6080AC can accept dual AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz and DC 11-18V power inputs, giving you the flexibility to use it indoors or on the go.

Easy-To-Read Touch Screen LCD

Touch screen control and intuitive graphic interface allow you to quickly assess the functions with ease. The large LCD screen provides a convenient view of your battery’s real time charging status, current capacity, pack voltage, individual cell voltage, and timer.

USB Charging Port

USB charging port supplies 5V 3A power to charge your latest electronic gadgets.

Digital Power Supply

Turns TT6080AC into a DC power supply capable of charging large devices such as laptops and large-capacity power banks.

Servo Tester

Supply a reliable PPM signal to test and adjust your servo motors.

Supports Multiple Types of Battery packs

LiPo/Li-ion/LiFePO4: 1-6 cells in series;
NiMH/NiCd: 1-16 cells in series;
SLA: 2-20V

Adjustable Charging/Discharging Current

The charge rate can be adjusted between 0.1A and 10A and the discharge rate can be adjusted between 0.1-2A

Dual AC & DC power Input

Dual AC & DC power inputs give you flexibility to charge your battery indoor or on the go.

Multi-Connector Cable

The multi-connector cable allows you to charge batteries with various connectors, including Hitech, JST, Deans, Tamiya, and Mini-Tamiya.


  • Charge LiPo/LiFe: 1-6S
  • Charge NiMH: 1-16S
  • Charge power: 80W
  • Charge Rate: 0.1-10A
  • Discharge power: 10W
  • Discharge rate: 0.1-2A
  • AC Input: 100-240V DC: 11-18V

Package Contents:

    • 1 x 01443 Tenergy TT6080 Touch Screen Balance Charger
    • 1 x Multi-connector cable
    • 1 x Balancing connector & cable
    • 1 x XT-60 Alligator cable
    • 1 x AC power cord
    • 1 x User manual (Download it here)

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