The basic guide about rechargeable AA batteries

Rechargeable AA batteries have become a vital part of our predictable lives. They are used in almost all appliances from cameras, portable CD players, palm top computers, and many other places. In the days gone by when such rechargeable batteries were not accessible, people used to use the battery once and throw it away when all the power was drained; this resulted in unnecessary waste of resources. Usage of rechargeable AA batteries does away with this waste and so helps in protecting the environment. Also, it is much more economical to use rechargeable batteries as compared to the normal batteries. Most familiar batteries are the alkaline and the lithium battery, which has been the hallmark and flagship of many big companies for the past few years. Following are some pointers to help you know your AA rechargeable batteries.


  • Firstly, you need to know that there many types of rechargeable batteries and they can be classified down right to the sort of material that they are made from; which can be anything from carbon zinc, alkaline, lead-acid, lithium ion, nickel combination batteries and zinc bromide. The astounding thing is that this denotes only a small number of batteries that have been made out there.

  • Let’s now focus on the nature of the rechargeable battery. These are made of up more than one cell, which is referred to as the secondary cell of the battery, which can be replenished to full charge; though there is usually a decomposing factor that should always be taken in to consideration while conversing about these batteries. The battery is structured to hold an accumulator, which is the very heart of the entire setup which motors the entire rechargeable nature.

  • Moving ahead with rechargeable batteries, as with any appliance there are definitely specific provisions that one needs to take in order to ensure a longer life cycle for a rechargeable battery.


  • First, the batteries should always be stored in dry place, otherwise there is the chance that the batteries will rupture and ruin your equipment too.
  • When the batteries are not in use it is always advisable to remove them from the equipment.
  • Overcharging your rechargeable batteries is another mistake which should not be overlooked. Some people have the habit of charging it throughout the night. This practice should be avoided as it can over charge the battery and may spoil the battery and reduce its life.


  • One thing to note about the benefits of these sorts of batteries is of course the cost savings. It means you no longer need to keep on procuring batteries for long periods of time frequently, as a single pair will be enough to last you through the time to take over the place of buying new ones.

Without a doubt the rechargeable AA batteries are an economical, convenient and at the same time an environmentally friendly option; which is always hard to find.

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