Why Alkaline Batteries still power most electronic applications.

Primary cells, or non-rechargeable batteries, are the most extensively used batteries around the household. These cells include alkaline and lithium primary batteries and are the most widespread battery types. Primary cells can provide power to almost everything from fire alarms to remote controls to even clocks and wrist-watches. Primary cells have always been the most reasonably priced type of batteries. The application of these primary batteries can be seen mostly at locations where recharging is practically impossible like in case of an emergency in a rescue mission or in a camping setting or a military combat. The real-world functioning of these primary batteries include – pacemakers for heath patients, light beacons, wristwatches and children’s toys. Few of the exclusive features of primary or non-rechargeable batteries include:

  • High specific energy
  • Long storage and down times
  • Instant boost
  • Environment friendly


Alkaline batteries are the most widely used form of these primary batteries with some of the major brands manufacturing and selling some of the most powerful and high energy alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are disposable batteries which function upon the chemical reaction of zinc and manganese oxide; in disposable or one time-use alkaline batteries, the positive end is usually powdered manganese dioxide (sometimes mixed with graphite). The negative end is zinc; these batteries last longer and have a higher energy density as compared to other batteries. At Only Battery Packs you can get a great range of alkaline batteries from multiple brands and types. Some of the best features of alkaline batteries can be listed as follows:

  • Can be readily used in many devices
  • The shelf life of these alkaline batteries can easily touch up to even 5 years under specific conditions; this means that even a drained out alkaline battery can charge a less power consuming device for a long time.
  • The alkaline batteries have a very low initial cost and can be swiftly used
  • Alkaline batteries don’t leak when depleted if properly maintained under certain circumstances
  • Both high and low drain batteries can be easily applied for both high and low drain devices
  • Alkaline batteries deliver extra power at higher load currents than carbon-zinc
  • Ideal for a combination of medium-drain and low-drain devices, including toys, non-digital cameras, clocks and alarms
  • Alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of along with household waste
  • Alkaline batteries can be very easily used as a substitute for a rechargeable battery because these batteries don’t dissipate when under storage periods.

These advantages make the alkaline batteries one of the most sort after batteries which is also highlighted in the huge sales numbers at Only Batter Packs. Some of the applications where these alkaline batteries can be used are:

  • Calculators
  • Cameras
  • Clocks
  • Flashlights
  • Games and toys
  • Radios and stereos
  • Remote controls
  • Smoke detectors

These unique and “street-smartness” qualities make the alkaline batteries still the first and foremost choice for almost all the appliances and devices.

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