Your Buying Guide for the Right computer Mouse


Like the order of nature the computer mouse has evolved and come a long way for where it started off initially – now from a heavy bulky device with a trackball the mouse has evolved into a petite and multipurpose Computer accessory. A good and effective mouse has become an integral part of a computer user’s list of pre-requisites and more often than not is a productivity builder and a frustration buster for any computer user. But more alternatives raise even more mystification about choosing just the right option that suits your needs and usage patterns. With the wide variety of options available choosing the best option from the lot is no child’s play, let’s look at some of the various factors to be considered while buying a mouse online:


  • Mouse Connection Type

Wired or wireless, USB or Bluetooth based – these are some options you can explore as per your requirements. If your work involves continuous movements and irregular work patterns using a wireless Bluetooth based mouse is the best choice. The wired one will suit a person with practically zero movement like for a workstation. Other things to be considered is the battery life of a USB based mouse which works on the infrared signals. The wireless will be an expensive option and should be preferred by travelling persons.

  • Design & Ergonomics

An ergonomically designed mouse should ideally be comfortably used by the use. Minimal wrist movements along with comfort should be one of main selection factors. This is mainly advisable for users who use their computers for a substantial amount of time either at office or workplace. While buying a mouse another area to be pre-checked is the ability to use the buttons, scroll bar comfortably without any strain on the fingers.

  • Sensitivity of the Mouse

The speed of a mouse is defined by the number of dots on a screen that a mouse can read per inch. The higher the number of dots travelled makes the mouse move better and cover a larger coverage area on the screen in less time.  The normal range of mouse is usually preferred to be between 800 to 1200 dots per inch.

  • Gaming and other Multipurpose mice

Gamers usually have a wireless mouse which ultimately gives them the freedom they require when using the mouse as a gaming controller. These mice are generally heavy weighted and will be tuned for high performance especially with high dots per inch value making it expensive as well. There some other types of mice which serve different purposes such as a TV remote control or media controllers. These multipurpose mice are thus helpful for those looking to get more out of their computers than just being pointing device.

  • Budget

Mice range from the very low to a fortune for the multipurpose and gaming based mouse. So knowing what your budget is being totally aware of how

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